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Jan 10th 2013

Quick prototyping and codesharing


If you need to quickly prototype a piece of code, possibly also share it with someone, you have plenty of tools to choose from. Here’s a few I’ve run into.

  • Codepad
    • The only one that’s not targeted at browser code
    • Has the broadest set of runnable languages of the lot, but no way of providing input
    • Great for 99 Bottles prototyping, if you don’t want to install the compiler/interpreter locally
  • JSFiddle
    • The swiss army knife of browser code prototyping and sharing.
    • Emphasis on scripting, like the name suggests
    • Allows bootstrapping to several JS frameworks
    • External resources supported
  • JSBin
    • Provides a vast selection of libraries to include
    • Allows editing the whole html document
  • Tinker.io
    • Open Source JSBin-like tool
    • No external resources provided
  • Dabblet
    • Has nowadays expanded to JS territory, too, but emphasize is on HTML and CSS prototyping.
    • Stores your code as a Github Gist
  • Github Gist
    • Snippets of code (or text) for public or private storage.
    • Highlights several languages, but doesn’t run anything
    • Can optionally contain multiple files in a single Gist
  • Tinkerbin
    • Supports compile-to-languages, i.e. HAML, Sass and CoffeeScript
  • Tmpltr
    • Rapid prototyping of data bound templates
    • Include external resources by drag-and-drop upload
  • Plnkr.co
    • Collaborative tool for creating “Plunks”, which can be forked by others, and optionally also private
  • CodePen
    • Looks quite similar to many others, but offers a Pro-version with an improved feature set
    • Seems to focus more on brandishing a complete creation, rather than just sharing a snippet of code

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