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Jan 19th 2011

Which platform do you want to frustrate you today?


Thanks to the Mobile Meetup arranged by Frontend Finland, I was presented a quick look into the current state of developing apps for the three leading mobile platforms today, presented by people who are actually doing it. Personally, mobile development is a field I’ve dabbled time to time in over the years, but never created anything useful due to several reasons; me (and my [lack of] creativity) probably being the biggest obstacle and the lack of paying customers for my employers following closely after.

Of the platforms presented today, surprisingly, Qt Quick together with QML seemed the most appealing to the coder inside me, but sadly isn’t very current for me. iOS probably tickled the drag-and-droppers in the crowd – me, not so much. Android should be right down the alley for those who are familiar with razors and/or cranial acceleration towards firm surfaces – not the least thanks to the tools that are (not) available.

It really is a jungle out there. Maybe one day there’ll be a machete that’ll allow us to hack-n-slash our way through it in style.

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