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Sep 23rd 2008

Murphy’s photography school, lesson 1


Shattered yellow photographic filter

A filter on top of your lens is not only useful for photographic effects, but it also protects your lens from frontal impact damage.

Further more, it’s a good idea to always use a strap to avoid dropping your camera.

4 Responses to “Murphy’s photography school, lesson 1”

Horror! But the camera is ok?

**pni**: Yes, both the body and the lens are fine. Old stuff is robust, a whole different case than the plastic toys of today :-)

True, true.

[…] ajatukseni oli että olin itse rikkonut kamerani. Mutta kunhan olin ensin rahoittunut ja saanut lepopulssini takaisin ihmismielen käsityskyvyn […]

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