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Apr 5th 2008

What happened to my layout?


I was stumped when I took a look at my blog this morning. All that fancy layout was gone. No style sheet. No nothing.

Then I remembered CSS Naked Day and the plugin I use to automatically remember it.

The only problem now is that, for some reason, the date has been changed from April 5^th^ to April 9^th^!

Which is just stoopid if you asked me, but, of course, you didn’t.

So as you cannot decide on a date, for all I care, you can keep you steenking CSS Naked Day and shove it!

2 Responses to “What happened to my layout?”

The same happened to me, I noticed it 2 minutes after midnight. I Just changed the date.

No se tietysti toimii, mutta ei siitä ollutkaan kyse. Vituttaa että moista pitäisi muistaa tarkkailla kun sen on kerran automatisoinut.

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