Venomous Poison

What does the blue-ringed octopus, the phyllobates terribilis, the Sydney funnel-web spider, the deathstalker and the pufferfish all have in common?

They're all very small. They're all poisonous enough to kill a human being. They're all valuable to medicine.

The poison of the above mentioned, along with many others', is used to make pain killing medicine, control excess bleeding, fight cancer, fight diabetes and much much more.

Utterly fascinating.

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  1. Referring to the same documentary on TV yesterday: watching that huge cone shell devour the wee fish was the stuff of nightmares! Eek!

  2. Yes it was. Spooky, and yet in an eery way an awe inspiring thing to see. I really hadn't thought of these phlegmatic creatures as being carnivores.